Air Transport

MTN Works with air import and export shipments, along with all major Airlines and many partners on all continents. Offering several options of flights and routes to and from the entire globe, with very competitive rates. We handle all kinds of shipment, including door-to-door operations, DDP and DDU modalities.

Sea Transport

MTN Works with sea import and export shipments, along with the major shipping companies all over the world, offering FCL and LCL services, with regular lines to and from the entire globe, and very competitive rates. We Handle all types of containers, including refrigerated (reefer) and special units for larger cargoes, such as Open-top and flat-rack containers.

Cargo Consolidation

MTN Works with cargo consolidation for import and export at the major ports and airports all over the world. Always seeking the best prices and shortest terms to reach the needs of each cliente. We have the hability to offer our clients integrated logistics with solutions that envolve the processo f sending and receiving merchandise to and from the entire globe, with terms and costs optimization. We handle all services in the logistics chain, including collecting cargo at the origin, shipping it, customs clearance and delivery at destination.

International Cargo Insurance

MTN offers international cargo insurance coverage, according to the specific needs of each operation and client, by na open policy with first-line insurers. Seeking the protection and safety of the transported goods. The company makes temporary and definitive registrations in favor of the insured, reports claims, schedules inspections and follows the entire process until completing the procedure.